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The First 5 Kings County Children and Families Commission has established, as mandated by law, a Strategic Plan in order to effectively guide the Commission in it's efforts to make a significant impact in the lives of children age 0-5 residing in Kings County. This document, which outlines the Commission's strategic focus, implementation, and evaluation processes, shall be used as a living document requiring action, reflection, and revision in an ongoing effort for quality improvement.

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025


An evaluation of Commission strategies is required as part of the results based accountability model that is expected of First 5 County Commissions.  As such, First 5 Kings County has contracted with Evaluation, Management & Training (EMT) to fulfill the evaluation objectives of the First 5 Kings County Children and Families Commission.

Linkages to Learning

Family Resource Centers

Parent & Me

Elevating Early Care and Education (E3)