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Linkages 2 Learning (L2L) is a kindergarten transition program established to create a better system of transition for children preparing to enter Kindergarten. This system is built on the belief that a community approach to kindergarten entry is most effective in ensuring the child is prepared to enter school ready to learn. The L2L Project established Kindergarten Transition teams at kindergarten serving school sites and is comprised of school site personnel, family service providers, early care educators, and parents of children which will/have attend kindergarten at each respective school site. These multidisciplinary teams plan and implement activities aimed at preparing child, family, school, and community for the impending transition to kindergarten.

The First 5 Kings County School Readiness Coordinator is responsible for developing school-site specific Kindergarten Transition Teams. These teams are tasked with the following:

  • Identify high priority needs of incoming Kindergartners: Pre-K Needs assessments are completed to identify the needs of incoming kindergarten students (through Kindergarten registration). At the time of kindergarten registration, families complete a survey that asks them to identify activities that would assist their children in being prepared for kindergarten entry. Post Kindergarten entry surveys are collected to assess the effectiveness of the activities offered by those families that participated in Spring/Summer bridge activities.
  • Develop strategies to address those needs: Transition team members review all needs assessment data and prioritize what is most needed for their particular school site. A kindergarten transition plan is established which clearly outlines activities, resources, and timelines necessary for successful implementation.
  • Implement programs to assist in better preparing children for Kindergarten entry with services aimed at the following populations:
    • Children & Families
    • Family Service Providers
    • Early Care & Education Providers: Childcare and Preschool
    • Schools

It is the responsibility of the school readiness coordinator to ensure each school site transition team is implementing the services accordingly, and to provide whatever staff support is necessary. At the end of each program cycle, the transition teams meet to discuss the successes and challenges of the previous year's process and deliverables as well as identify members for the new program term. Modifications to the program approach are made continuously to ensure program effectiveness.

The Linkages to Learning Program is the only investment by First 5 Kings County which provides assistance to children, families, providers, and systems. It is also the only strategy that is able to effectively serve all children in our target population as they age into Kindergarten.

For more information please contact:

Clarissa Ravelo, Program Officer
First 5 Kings County

330 Campus Drive
Hanford, CA 93230
Phone (559) 852-2107