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First 5 Kings County is operated under the Children and Families Commission of Kings County. The commission is comprised of 5 members. 4 of the members are specifically designated by the legislation that established the Commission, and include the following:

  • A member of the Board of Supervisors
  • The Kings County Human Services Agency Director or his/her designee
  • The Kings County Public Health Director or his/her designee
  • The Kings County Behavioral Health Director or his/her designee

One of the members are designated by the Board of Supervisors from the following categories:

  • Recipients of project services included in the county strategic plan
  • Educators specializing in early-childhood development
  • Representatives of a local childcare resources or referral agency, or a local childcare coordinating group
  • Representatives of a local organization for the prevention or early intervention for families at risk
  • Representatives of community-based organizations that have the goal of promoting and nurturing early-childhood development
  • Representatives of local school districts
  • Representative of local medical, pediatric, or obstetric associations or societies

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Kings County Children and Families Commissioners



Todd Barlow
Community Representative - Educator


Dr. Lisa Lewis
Director of Kings County Behavioral Health


Sanja Bugay
Director of Kings County Human Services Agency


Joe Neves
Board of Supervisors


Dr. Milton Teske
Public Health Officer